My love affair with a massage therapist in hong kong

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her. I honestly believed I had seen heaven in the raven haired beauty who stood before me waiting as she was trained to do. I had become a regular customer at the tantric hong kong establishment and I knew I would return whenever I had the chance to do so. My friends had recommended various hong kong massage services, yet none of them had allowed me to relax as the one I used for reasons they couldn’t understand. The women seemed to know how to care for me which was all I had ever wanted from anyone.

This time it was different. I knew I could fall in love with anyone, yet I could not deny the emotion which welled up inside me until I thought it would burst and flood the tiny room I always stayed in whenever I visited the region for work purposes. I loved my pale skinned beauty and I wanted to show her what her meant to me. I hoped I could show her the world when she was ready to let me do so. Other men seemed to want what I wanted as young women were often seen heading towards the same room whenever I was there. Tonight I would use the outcall massage hong kong service and I would ask for her and only her. I had no idea whether she worked late during the week. All I knew was I had to see her and let her touch my tired body as she always did.

The moon seemed to smile at me as though it knew the secrets of my heart far better than I did. Tonight I would learn more about the mysterious woman who had captured my imagination as I feasted my eyes on her dainty face until I was forced to let her go. I couldn’t deny I wanted to kiss her mouth and hold her in my arms forever as I sat on the edge of my bed waiting for her to arrive. I was so absorbed in my own thoughts I didn’t see my angel’s sad face until her tears hit my shoulder one after the other without the least sign of stopping.

           “What is it baby tell me? You can tell me what’s wrong” I heard myself say as I stretched out my hand to comfort her.

           “I’m sorry sir I won’t let it happen again.”

           “You do not need to apologise for crying. What happened? Did someone hurt you?”

           “My boyfriend doesn’t want me to work. I have to work. I need to work and this is all I can do.”

Her pain became mine and I gently took her hand hoping she would let me kiss it as I had longed to do. Suddenly I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and I gently pulled her towards me before she could protest. She seemed to melt into my arms as I held her to my chest as though she wanted me as much as I wanted her. The world seemed to jump for joy as I gently cupped my hands under her chin and placed my mouth on hers with all the passion I had ever felt for anyone. I knew I had to help her escape from her life as a hong kong massage services specialist , yet I instinctively knew she wouldn’t come with me whether she wanted me or not. We both knew we would always love each other no matter who we were with or what happened in our lives.