Nailing the First Impression: How to Get Girls to Feel Attracted

While there is a lot more to forming relationships than making a good first impression, if one projects himself positively, the chances of getting to see the girl again obviously increase. Review the full text of the Tao of Badass for details on how to attract that special dream girl and what needs to be done to make it happen. There are subtle ways to be natural that generally play out on the first impression. Stay away from that negative piece of human nature, stay natural, and remain intriguing through it all. Be Natural: Women are often portrayed as difficult, unpredictable and in every way different to men. This incredibly false notion that women are systematically different is deeply rooted in the minds of many guys, and it works to their detriment when it comes to attracting women and forming relationships. This leads some guys to either freeze in panic when approaching a woman or overdo a fake persona.

Avoid Negativity: Nobody wants to date someone who acts and looks depressed. While feeling blue is nothing to be ashamed of, exuding negativity is a surefire way to make oneself less attractive rather than more. Complaining and ranting on and on about something makes for boring and unappealing conversations and does nothing to bring out one’s qualities. In the end, positive, optimistic and driven people make for a much better first impression than whiny, self-pitying individuals. Finding the value in one’s everyday life and goals is the best way to express positivity.

Intrigue Her: When it comes to impressing a girl, this is by far the most subtle and difficult thing to pull off (and to explain). When having the first conversation, instead of telling her a whole life story or going on some boring tangent, try to slip into the conversation the most interesting and intriguing anecdotes or stories regarding life without getting carried away. Overdoing it means coming off as a showoff while doing it right leaves enough room for her imagination to fill in the blanks. If she is intrigued she will ask more questions and the conversation keeps rolling. Ultimately what really counts is what one chooses to say and how it is said.