New Foods and New Ways to Prepare Them Are Available Now

People everywhere are asking if others have seen the work a new food company is doing. They’re very excited finding out that a lot of the products don’t contain cholesterol. They’re also excited because since many family members are allergic to eggs, they want to try the new nutritional eggless eggs they’re creating. Most people go along eating everything in sight and not paying any mind to the food labels.

For those who watched a documentary on television a while back, it was originally about people catching fish out at sea. There were also fish that were rotting and fermenting in a bucket, which the narrator said was going to be used to make MSG. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s monosodium glutamate, also listed on food labels as other kinds of ingredients, such as hydrolyzed protein or even yeast extract.

Generally recognized as safe, (GRAS) are letters used by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for various ingredients. Even though MSG has been put in food products for hundreds of years, many people think it gives them headaches or causes them to gain weight.

Still, those same people eat foods laced with MSG all the time since it is a flavor enhancer. It’s in everything from Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, canned foods, sauce and gravy mixes and not always listed as MSG.

Today, many people are finally taking the bull by the horns and taking control of what they’re eating. They’re demanding that food companies everyone has grown up with, get the chemicals that don’t need to be in products, out of them. They are also realizing that to process a food, it’s usually done by using chemicals.

The human body doesn’t know what to do with chemicals. This is why it’s thrown off balance when the kidneys are faced with filtering out chemicals and not foods. The liver and kidneys work quietly to do the filtering, but many times it’s just too great a job for them, and they simply stop.

Get on board with the new food company named Hampton Creek. Learn about the individuals they have who are studying new healthy ingredients and ways to prepare foods. They’re in the process of building a website where people can Purchase direct from Hampton Creek.