Some Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Hampton Creek

Even if you haven’t heard of Hampton Creek, chances are you’ve seen Just Mayo on your grocery store shelf. As their product line grows and their market reach expands, more and more people will become familiar with Hampton Creek foods. Their latest products include two new salad dressings, Just Italian and Just Ranch, which recently hit the shelves in Walmart stores around the country. Target carries their chocolate chip Just Cookie Dough along with their newest peanut butter cookie dough. Here are some facts about this interesting food company.

  • All of Hampton Creek’s foods are vegan. This means their ingredients include no eggs, no dairy products, and no meat. They use only plant-based ingredients in their food because they believe that plants are healthier for both people and the environment.
  • Hampton Creek calls itself a food technology company because their products are developed through scientific research. Their food scientists analyze plant proteins from thousands of species of plants in order to find proteins that mimic the properties of eggs and other common ingredients in processed foods that they want to replace.
  • The egg substitute in Just Mayo is made from the Canadian yellow pea. Sorghum serves as the binding agent in Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies (available through food service only).
  • The two founders of Hampton Creek are Joshua Balk and Josh Tetrik, the current CEO. They have been friends since their teenage years.
  • The word “just” in their product names means “guided by reason and justice” rather than “only.” They had to explain the meaning of the name when Unilever, the parent company of Hellman’s, sued them for falsely representing their egg-free Just Mayo as mayonnaise.
  • Although Hampton Creek products are vegan, Tetrik does not want to appeal to vegan customers exclusively. He wants people to choose his products because they’re affordable and delicious, and in that way he hopes to change the way people eat.
  • Hampton Creek products are carried in Walmart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods, and the Dollar Store. They are also available in many restaurants, school cafeterias and stadiums thanks to Hampton Creek’s association with Compass Group, a food service company.

Look for 43 more products with the Just label in the near future. Other future plans for the company include development of 500 new products, including breads, pastas, and meat replacements, and the addition of e-commerce. For more food info from Hampton Creek, check out their website.

Hampton Creek Products Help Parents Encourage Children to Stick With a Vegan Diet

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to raise children as vegetarians, and especially to raise them as vegans. They’re surrounded by meat and animal products when they enter any places that serve food away from their home, and that is likely to include the homes of relatives and friends. Some parents decide to allow kids to choose what they want to eat when they are away from the family, letting them find their own path while still encouraging them to go veg. Items such as Just Mayo sandwich spread and other hampton creek products help them convince the children to stick with foods that don’t involve cruelty to animals and have a friendlier impact on the environment.

Hampton Creek’s boxed baking mixes are sure to appeal to kids who love to eat cookies, pancakes, muffins and brownies. Parents can have fun letting their children help prepare these foods, and then everyone in the family can have fun eating them. The youngsters learn that all these foods can be made without eggs or dairy products. Eventually, as the kids get a bit older, parents will probably want to teach them about genetically modified organisms and the potentially harmful effects on human and animal health. They’ll also want to explain why they don’t support factory farming, although they probably won’t want to show the children graphic images of what goes on in industrial agriculture.

For vegetarian and vegan parents, much of the decision about what to eat is focused on compassion. They want their children to grow up with that same compassion toward animals, and not just dogs and cats. They want kids to make a connection between chickens and the birds they see in the yard, which they love and would never imagine killing and eating. Even if the children grow up to become more mainstream in regard to their diet, they may still rely more on vegan options than much of the general population does. As teenagers and young adults, they’ll introduce their new friends to meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free foods so these individuals can discover the delicious alternatives to animal-based items.

An Energizing Morning Matcha Smoothie in Place of Coffee

Someone who would like to stop drinking coffee but would miss the energy boost might try a morning beverage containing matcha green tea and other healthy components. Just a little extra time devoted to making a smoothie before starting the day’s activities can increase an individual’s stamina and add to the morning enjoyment. To buy matcha tea, view Kiss Me Organics for more details.

Matcha Green Tea Powder provides fuel for both physical and mental energy. This high-quality powder typically is added to foods and beverages instead of drinking it as a tea. The taste can be a bit strong for many individuals, especially those unaccustomed to the full flavor of green tea. Mixing it with other substances tends to be the best choice. That’s why including matcha with fruit in a breakfast smoothie is a delicious way to start the day and to get a better and longer-lasting burst of energy than is provided by coffee.

People can use any kind of fruit they like to make a smoothie with matcha. Bananas are always popular for smoothies, but a plethora of delightful choices are available. A blend of raspberries and strawberries can celebrate spring, while oranges and pineapple add a tropical flair. People can also add other healthy substances to fit their taste preferences and to create a favorable texture. Some examples include yogurt, soy milk or coconut milk.

As an authentic green tea, matcha contains caffeine. A person consumes the entire amount of matcha tea added to a smoothie instead of only consuming a relatively small amount of bagged or strained tea. That makes the amount of caffeine consumed a bit higher than in steeped black tea, but still less than a regular cup of coffee. Nevertheless, the energizing effects of matcha tea tend to be more even and last longer. Rather than a big spike in energy that might last only an hour or two, the energy level rises gradually and may last for several hours. Many people who rely on coffee for energizing effects find they have to drink it throughout the day, but that won’t be necessary with matcha.

Bodybuilders Benefit From Drinking Matcha Green Tea

Any man or woman who decides to take the extra steps necessary to improve the appearance and strength of their body is considered to be a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders can be of any age. It is never too late to start working out to enhance one’s appearance, strength, and performance. Those who are actively seeking out ways to get their body into great shape will find that there are several things that can be done to achieve this goal. While some bodybuilders spend countless hours in the gym every day, others may simply choose to increase the amount or type of exercise that they get on a daily basis. Weight bearing exercises, weight lifting, and aerobics are all strategies that bodybuilders will use to get their bodies into optimal shape.

Sometimes, bodybuilders will follow specific eating habits to make sure that their body receives all of the right vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. In addition to eating well, drinking the right thing can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of the body. Scientists have found that bodybuilders who drink matcha green tea on a regular basis will experience a significant increase in their energy levels. They will also enjoy a boost in their metabolism and will notice a higher sense of alertness.

People who wish to experience significant improvements in their bodies will want to incorporate the consumption of matcha green tea into their daily routine. It has been found that matcha green tea for bodybuilding contains many healthy ingredients that the body needs. Matcha green tea is grown in Japan as well as China. It has been used for centuries by people who wish to increase their metabolism and energy levels. Residents of Japan and China have known for centuries that drinking matcha green tea allows the mind to remain alert and the body to be energized without the accompanying nervous feeling that often comes from caffeine. Matcha green tea contains important antioxidants that provide anti-aging and longevity properties. It is also suspected to remove harmful toxins. Individuals who are working on getting their bodies into great shape will want to add matcha green tea to their diet on a daily basis.

The Dandelion Is Much More Than A Pesky Weed

A dandelion is considered to be a pesky weed that is difficult to get rid of, but the truth is that it is much more than that. The dandelion root can be used to create a tea that is powerful in vitamins and nutrients. It can help with a lot of health concerns and offers a lot of fantastic benefits. Kiss Me Organics dandelion tea is an excellent brand and one that can be purchased online at Amazon. It is affordable in price and 100 tea bags can be purchased for under twenty dollars. Cinnamon and hibiscus are also included in this tea blend and there are many great health benefits it can provide.

One of the more popular benefits of this tea is that it has a detoxifying effect. It can help to cleanse the kidneys and the liver and to rid any toxins that may have built up over time. It also reestablishes hydration and electrolyte balance. It also works as a digestive aid that can help to act as a mild laxative. Many love the fact that it also aids in weight loss efforts. Many people suffer from a weakened immune system and this tea can help to improve the immune system.

This tea is rich in antioxidants that can help to fight cancer cells in the body. Since it is a diuretic, it increases urination and this naturally lowers blood pressure. It is also rich in fiber and potassium and this helps to regulate blood pressure levels as well. This tea can also help to lower cholesterol levels. Dandelion increases bile production and this aids with gallbladder issues. There are many different benefits that can be achieved through drinking this powerful tea.

More and more people are discovering that natural products provide the body with a numerous amount of benefits. Dandelion tea is becoming more popular and many are discovering all of the great benefits it can provide. It is very easy to purchase this tea on Amazon and it is backed with a money back guarantee. This allows a tea drinker to try it without any type of risk.

Prepare Now To Be Able To Nourish Your Family Members In A Crisis

Getting ready for a severe storm or maybe enemy invasion might seem abnormal yet when you are actually in a situation where you have to have the food items and supplies, you’ll be happy you had all of them available. It is vital that you just choose the most appropriate items for your house to make sure you get every thing you and your family demands for a period of catastrophe. Authorities as well as state National Guard possibly won’t be able to access you for at least two or three days. With no energy at your residence, the meals within your fridge will probably be bad so you are not going to get to use your cooker. Through these circumstances, the general public water supplies is normally not even thoroughly clean so you might need a big supply of water. A sizable availability of survival food to actually be used for several weeks. Be sure you acquire goods that are tasty and definitely will survive for several years simply because one never knows if you may want to use them. A provider like food4patriots can certainly make certain you end up getting meals that’s tasty and it is steady more than enough to maintain in storage area till it is actually essential to remove it in order to provide nourishment for your loved ones until finally resources are renewed in your community.

What You’ll Want to Make an Actual Moscow Mule

Many people are extremely picky concerning doing important things “right”, especially when referring to drink and food. This is simple to comprehend, because there are guidelines to how well mannered society really should do things, not to mention manners reigns as the ultimate nowhere above how it does with food and drink. Every item has its proper vessel, plate or even utensil by which it truly is to generally be drunk, eaten as well as speared. From dark beer mugs to actually brandy snifters, salad china to pastry plates as well as oyster fork to dinner fork, there is a distinct utensil pertaining to every thing and a particular place and time for it to generally be employed. Thus has the precedent recently been fixed with regard to using just copper mugs for Moscow mules.

If you aren’t informed about this delicious alcoholic cocktail, you will be never alone. The Moscow Mule initially become popular within the midst of the 20th century. There are a selection of reports regarding the drink’s beginning that point to a talk kept a particular day by three persons, every one of whom was muttering about exactly how few sales and profits there initially were for his or her particular products: ginger beer, vodka, and also copper cups. The story explains the way the three had been assembled, and the Moscow Mule was created. This cocktail experienced a zenith involving acceptance for years, and gradually dropped away from favor, swapped out for more popular blends.

Today this Moscow Mule is without a doubt setting up a comeback, in part since people are usually evidently fascinated with this particular drink’s beginning. Made of non-alcoholic ginger beer, Vodka and even lime juice, typically the drink is without a doubt delightful, and additionally best provided cold, which happens to be where the Solid Copper LLC pure copper Moscow mule mugs be important. Since several people recognize, copper is an excellent conductor of equally heat and cold. Should the Moscow Mule is definitely offered inside a copper glass,, not merely will the actual tart drink remain colder, for a longer time, with out the requirement of extreme ice (or dilution), though the tart lime fruit juice comes with a increased “kick” contrary to the actual precious metal copper goblet. What may have begun like a advertising trick, made a vintage that will endure eternally. If you’d like to attempt your hand at creating genuine Moscow Mules by yourself, you could get the famous Moscow mule mugs on