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While some religions and personal beliefs limit or ban the use of animal products in food, most people eat animal products each day in one form or another. Eating animal products can have some benefits, but many people ingest far too many of these foods on a regular basis. Animal-based foods can have bad effects on not only people’s health, but the environment as well. One company, Hampton Creek, is trying to change the way that people think about their food and increase global reliance on plants rather than animals for food. Changing to a diet that is rich in plant-based foods is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • The food industry, especially in the US, is heavily based on using animals to provide nourishment. Chickens are bred and raised for their eggs and their meat, and cows are used for milk and their meat, also. Just these two animals alone make up a large percentage of the livestock kept in the US, and their care takes up a lot of valuable resources. They also create a very large proportion of pollution in comparison to other food sources. Even mildly reducing the US demand for these two animals will greatly improve the environment and save money.
  • Animal products are high in fat, cholesterol and other dangers for human health. While eating some of these foods is acceptable, consuming too many of these animal products can lead to health issues like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and more. Eating a diet that is based primarily on plants is much healthier and reduces the risk for developing health issues or becoming overweight.
  • Plant based food replacements may help to reduce the food shortages experienced across the world. Many developing countries have trouble producing enough food for their residents, often because animals and resources are limited. By introducing new ways to make common foods without animal products, Hampton Creek may help to reduce hunger worldwide.

Those interested in reducing the amount of animal products that they use and improving the environment should learn more about Hampton Creek and their product line. By replacing the need for eggs and other animal products in food, this company is helping to improve the global food supply. More information and product availability for Hampton Creek are on Facebook, so anyone interested can visit to learn more.