Products From Hampton Creek Make Life Better for People Who Can’t Eat Eggs or Dairy Foods

People searching for truly delicious cookies that don’t contain any eggs or dairy foods can become frustrated in the quest. Now, however, products are available from hampton creek that solve this problem. A tub of refrigerated cookie dough as well as a boxed mix for baking cookies provide the sweet flavors many people crave while needing or wanting to avoid certain animal-based ingredients.

Egg allergies are relatively common, for example, especially in children. Parents will enjoy making cookies with the egg-free dough, especially because everyone in the family can eat some raw dough without worrying about eating raw egg. In fact, it seems that this old trend of sneaking cookie dough from the bowl has become new again, only now, people can munch on it straight from the container.

Anyone who is allergic to milk or lactose intolerant will also appreciate these treats since no dairy components are included and adding milk is not required. Someone in the family who doesn’t have these issues can eat the cookies with milk, while anyone who must avoid milk can have them with complementary beverages such as coffee, black or herbal tea, or almond or coconut milk.

The company also has an alternative to mayonnaise that doesn’t contain eggs or dairy products. This makes a fine base component for dips such as spinach-artichoke, cucumber and French onion flavors. It can be used in place of regular mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt. A tablespoon can be added to casseroles for extra flavoring; tuna and chicken casseroles, for instance, benefit from the addition of mayo flavor. A person who can’t have eggs but can eat dairy might like to add a little Just Mayo to a casserole containing broccoli, cheese and cream of mushroom soup.

From online consumer reviews of the various products from Hampton Creek, it sounds as though people generally are surprised and pleased at how good everything tastes. Anyone who always thought that mayonnaise flavor relies greatly on eggs and had to stay away from mayonnaise will be pleased with the sandwich spread. Someone who has been afraid to eat raw cookie dough will be gratified to stick a spoon in the container and relish the treat.