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Photography Tips for Beginners The art of photography requires a great deal of practice, and this includes trial and error, to achieve high quality pictures. If you are struggling with getting the perfect shot, there are a few things you can do to shorten the amount of time it takes to achieve a good quality photograph. One of the first things you can do to enhance your photographs is to be sure your subject is not too far away, as they will get lost in the background of your photo. You can do a couple of things to remedy this situation. Use an optical zoom lens to create the illusion of a close up shot if you cannot actually get close to the subject. If you can get close, it is important that you do so and at an angle that is optimal for you to get a good shot of your subject. A very important technique every beginner photographer needs to be aware of is the rule of thirds. Some digital cameras will actually have a built in 3×3 grid in the frame to utilize while you are taking your photographs. It is best to keep your subjects located at an intersection of two of the lines on the grid, but as a general rule, you just want to be sure the subject is not in the center of the photograph. Making sure the subject is not centered creates a higher visual interest.
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Try to avoid too much background clutter in your photos as another general rule of thumb. If there is too much background clutter, the subject again may blend in with the background and be lost.
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It is a good idea to use appropriate lighting to enhance your photo quality as well. Often times, there isn’t enough natural lighting to get a good photo, and can create unwanted shadows in your picture. You can utilize the fill flash feature to remedy this, as it fills in lighting where there is too much shadowing, but does not create the extreme lighting of a full blown flash. It is assumed by many beginning photographers that you need to buy tons of expensive equipment to successfully get a great shot. Though you will get more options with expensive equipment, technique is the most important, and comes with practice. It is even possible to obtain a great shot with a general point and shoot camera, provided you have the technique and experience to do so, and this comes with practice. With practice, and utilizing these quick tips, you can find yourself on the way to achieving visually appealing photos in very little time.