Recipes are Made to be Broken

Recipes are items to be cherished whether they’ve been handed down from one generation to the next or just lucky finds your family happened to love and request on a weekly basis. Times have certainly changed in this realm, though. Cooks across the nation now turn to the internet for dinner advice, toting their laptops, tablets or phones around the kitchen rather than rifling through drawers and Rolodexes as was the way of the past.

Despite their immeasurable value when it comes to creating the perfect main dish, side item or dessert, recipes are nothing more than standard sets of rules. Some say certain rules are made to be broken. Even those recipes generating the most incredible of results can be improved and expanded upon. Boxed cake mixes with their “just add eggs, oil and water” guidelines could be considered a perfect example of this theory. Toss in a couple extra eggs, substitute a nice amount of butter for the oil and replace the water with milk to take these convenient tools from acceptable to incredible.

Hampton Creek firmly believes in giving America’s kitchen commanders the freedom to stray from the norm; in fact, the company approaches this liberty from a couple different angles. First off, they’ve dedicated their efforts to creating products designed to perfectly mimic those you’ve come to know and love with a bit of a healthier spin. Secondly, with their Just Recipes from Hampton Creek campaign, they’re explaining how to go about using their products in your culinary delights to give classic dishes a new twist.

Among the company’s suggestions are potato, pasta, carrot and Waldorf salads to name a few. They’ve also created a sweet potato salad recipe for an even more unusual take on a classic favorite. You’ve probably heard of the infamous chocolate cake recipe calling for mayonnaise to add the moistness your family and guests have come to expect. Hampton Creek supports this idea using their own Just Mayo, which is made without eggs.

New to the company’s lineup are cake and pancake mixes, expanding upon their classic egg-free cookie doughs. Using a little-known version of sorghum, they bind the ingredients in their treats without the need for eggs and extra sugar. Of course, you can easily create your own unique recipes implementing these items as a base; after all, freedom to express yourself through food is part of what makes cooking fun.