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How Fundamentalists Child Abuse Damage Children Religion has dependably been connected with war, oppression and terrorism and the vast majority who don’t know much about fundamentalism wonder why such individuals perform these activities. The answer lies in the way in which fundamentalists undertake family relations. Fundamentalist religion induces abusive and to a great degree oppressive family situations. Communities that practice fundamentalism are generally very harsh, violent and the most authoritarian toward children and women. The children of repression and violence grow up to accept violence, with grave effects that can destroy a country as well as throughout the world. In all beliefs, fundamentalism is a threat to mankind regularly in light of the fact that it is the start of war against kids. Children are mainly the victims of fundamental indecency since the mind of a child is particularly helpless and especially susceptible to religious indoctrination and religious contemplations. Independent thinking is a dangerous ability according to the biblical way since a child is born in sin, ignorant and rebellious necessitating the need to discipline for one to learn obedience. This ends up being child abuse in the current world. Fundamentalists advocate for homeschooling since they trust that the normal schooling disintegrates their instilled beliefs. Christian fundamentalists are prominent for taking a shot at homeschooling since they are convinced that it is inconceivably better for their youngsters not to have an education than get it to end up as atheists or humanists and later reject their creator. The idea of not taking off to a state supported school makes children feel detached ensuing to the fundamentalist system of teaching has no time or energy for socialization. They wind up being brain washed about going to public school and additionally being instilled into the godliness way of thinking.
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Vulnerable children who are subjected to fundamentalist abuse develop symptoms like panic attacks or depression simply because the vices they are exposed to worn them down. Religious beliefs and the method for religious living can make stressors that can set up examples of trauma, abuse and self-abuse. With time, the habitual patterns alter brain function and make it hard for children to grow healthy. Separation or isolation builds up as a method for safeguarding spiritual purity since religions caution against connecting with nonbelievers. The fear of sin, the end of time, hell and amoral heathens binds children to the group against their will.
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Child abuse is wild all through fundamentalist homes because the man is seen to be unrivaled power while the kids and ladies are seen as rebellious and are typically punished. Kids are liable to unimaginable kind of abuse but then they have a small or no chance to get out of the domestic situations they are caught up in.