Seven Benefits of Using Matcha Green Tea

Anyone who has consumed Matcha green tea in any of its form knows the many benefits associated with its use. Its greatest benefit is as an antioxidant, which means the properties are geared for fighting the ill effects of ultra-violet radiation and other aging factors. However, there are many other benefits gained by consuming this tea of notable Japanese origin. Following are some of these health advantages gained by using the tea.

  • Matcha green tea has been used for centuries by monks in the Orient to produce calm in the body. The monks would consume the tea to help them to remain alert during meditation. It is the amino acid in Matcha green tea, L-Theanine, that produces this calm without causing drowsiness. Because this amino acid produces calm, it also increases the memory and the ability to focus.
  • Matcha green tea also increases energy and endurance. It was used in the ancient times by the Samurai warriors before going into battle. It is great for those people who need that extra boost of energy daily.
  • This tea is also good for burning calories naturally. It is not like some dieting methods which might cause an increase in the blood pressure or the heart rate.
  • The tea has high levels of chlorophyll which is a natural detoxifier, ridding the body of various toxins.
  • Matcha green tea is good for the immune system, providing the body with nutrients such as Potassium and Calcium.
  • This tea also is known to improve the cholesterol, decreasing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol.
  • Finally, usually products that are healthy have a bad habit of not being appetizing to the taste. Matcha green tea actually has a very flavorful taste.

Acquiring this tea is not hard to do, although you cannot purchase it authentically just anywhere you wish. You must ensure that the tea is purchased at a reputable store or place that offers it. One place you can go to order this tea is on You can see online at Kiss Me Organics for the product and have it fulfilled by The website is