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Some Ideas You Can Try With Cookie Cutters Cookie cutters complete kitchen in any household, making it a common name. This basically brings life to the cookies you make and bring cute shapes on it. As a result, it makes your cookies more fun to eat. Here are basic cookie cutter shapes that you could buy from the market. Christmas tree decoration – it is not important if your cookie cutter isn’t a holiday theme as it can surely create a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. Just find a photo of your kids at about the age when they’ve been using the cutters. And then, place the cutter over the photo, put it at the center to get the best possible look. Then after, trace around the perimeter edge of the cutter shape and just cut out the picture. When you’re through, put small beads of strong glue around the rim of your cutter and attach the photo. Wrap the ribbon outside of the cutter and add loop for ornament hanger and voila, you’ve made yourself a new addition to your tree ornament collection. Family table centrepiece – would you like to add something fun to your table decor for your family dinner? Well if you do, why don’t you pull out a handful of your cookie cutters. What you need to do here is put a mat right at the centre of the table, add the collection of candles with different sizes and shape and surround it with the cutters.
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Put several of it on the top of each other in order to give height and interest. They’ll probably be surprised to see what you’ve done when your family has gathered around the table. And from there, the conversation would be so fun since everyone will remember the special times that they’re associated with the cutters, their favourite cookies as well as the people they shared them with. Come to think of it, with your cookie cutters, you can turn a simple meal to a special one.
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Cookie cutter grape vine wreath – for sure, this would be a very exciting activity not just for you but for your kids as well. Find all cookie cutters you have with the same theme be it for sesame street characters, Christmas, Easter and so forth. Then, collect various colours of sturdy card stock that are complimenting your theme. When through, you just have to trace the cookie cutter shapes to paper and cut them out. Then, add ribbon to the wreath and decorate it with the cookie cutter pieces.