Techniques For Getting Your Ex Back

If you have had the squabble of all squabbles with your significant other, you have broken up, but now you want him back, this may be the article for you. This article will teach you how to get your ex back through a text message-based system that has been working for others who have used it. The foundation of the system is called text judo, and it shows you how to use text messages from the Text Your Ex Back program.

There are techniques that you can use that will help you get your ex back. The first thing you need to remember is to get your ex’s attention back, but the proper way. You do not want to send negative energy to your ex, as that will only drive him farther away. You will want to not have any contact at all during that first month, as hard as that might be. When the time comes that you will make contact, you should send him what is called an “across the bow” message. The purpose of this message is simply to let him know that you are thinking about him, not in a mushy or gushy way, but a simple, gentle approach. The text message should not even hint of suggesting a response or reply. It is just a message to establish the grounds for a possible new relationship, whether romantic or platonic.

In the next step, you will create your “text judo” plan of attack. In other words, you are going to use his thoughts, communication and emotions to your advantage, as you plan how you are going to leverage your position with him (that is how judo works, after all). Since you are in control, you control how the text conversations go. If you feel he is moving too fast, you can slow it down, but do not make yourself appear too eager or available. It is during this time that you can remind your ex of some happier times that the two of you shared, again without making a play for commitment. There is a definite strategy to getting your ex back. To get more information on how to do so, visit the website,