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What Are Singapore Boutique Hotels? As a top world-class destination, Singapore has a wide range of hotels, including ever unique and memorable boutique hotels. But what exactly makes a hotel “boutique? The common perception is boutique hotels are luxury hotels, but is this really the case? Small Size First off, boutique hotels are small in size. According to most hospitality experts, a property can only be considered a boutique hotel if it houses no more than 100 rooms (but not so small either – less than 10 rooms is an inn or a B&B). Hospitality experts say a property may be considered a boutique hotel if its room count is 100 or less (not too small though – with less than 10 rooms, the property is called an inn or B&B). According to hospitality pros, a property must have no more than 100 rooms for it to be worthy to be called a boutique hotel (but not too small – less than 10 rooms makes the property an inn or B&B. This intimate size of a boutique hotel lends it its personal and homey character. Many luxury travelers love the compact size of this type of hotel.
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Apart from a small size, personal service is another distinguishing characteristic of boutique hotels. The objective of this establishment is to give guests a level of personalized service which is not always possible in a large hotel. Boutique hotel staff usually know guests by name and offer guest services round-the-clock. Some provide canopy beds, a fireplace in the lobby, or even bathrobes. Others may also serve exclusive food choices, like a whole menu for vegetarians, or in-house bookstores. Individuality A boutique hotel could be an independently hotel, with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and attitude to it. Sometimes, it is part of a luxury hotel association, or may wear the boutique label of a bigger hotel chain. Other times, it may be the separate wing of a huge hotel, where people feel as though they are in a totally different place, with its own d?cor, lobby and reception counter. In any case, a boutique hotel will always have its separate identity, whether or not it is affiliated with or owned by a larger hotel. Thematic D?cor and Design In keeping with its individuality, a boutique hotel has an exceptional character, and the same is true for its guests. Any hotel with a cookie-cutter design will never be considered a boutique hotel. Uniqueness is basic to this kind of hotel, where stark palettes and sleek materials are the norm. Geographical Personality A boutique hotel typically emphasizes the most notable features of the heritage of its location. Sometimes, when they are located in the city, they reflect a distinctive buzzy feel. A boutique hotel, on the other hand, may be an old country villa restored to perfection by a pro designer. Lastly, boutique hotels typically have an outstanding F&B (food and beverage) department. You can count on a boutique hotel if you have a very particular taste in food and drinks. They will usually even have a celebrity-chef corner in the lobby. And of course, the lounge or bar will always stock an impressive cocktail menu. For your next trip to Singapore, consider booking a room in a boutique hotel. There’s no doubt it will make your stay very memorable.