The Amazing Benefits Offered by Matcha Green Tea

Samurai warriors, Buddhist monks and generations of Japanese have long used green tea to improve their health. Today matcha green tea powder is being discovered by millions of shoppers searching for natural energy aids. They also buy it because easy-to-use powdered versions can increase focus, encourage relaxation and boost metabolism.

Powdered Green Tea Is Versatile

Many shoppers choose organic powdered matcha tea because it can be adapted for many uses. Some add the powder to their baking, which turns muffins or cupcakes into healthy snacks. Green tea smoothies provide long-lasting energy throughout the day, and the powder can be added to morning lattes. Of course it can still be brewed into delicious tea. The health-conscious often sip matcha tea all day long, to help them maintain mental focus. Unlike coffee or other teas, matcha beverages do not make drinkers jittery.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Is Healthy

Because matcha tea leaves are grown in the shade, they are exceptionally nutritious. Companies like Kiss Me Organics offer quality products that have been carefully harvested and processed to maintain the plants’ nutritional benefits. The best tea powders contain about 10 times the antioxidants contained in typical tea. The tea powder also contains EGCg, an important cancer-fighting catechin. Studies have even shown that matcha tea’s ingredients may be able to stop cancer cells from forming. It also boosts energy and promotes a calm, focused, feeling. Athletes consume it to get better results during workouts, students use it when studying and business people drink it to reduce workday stress.

A Relaxing Tea Can Help Weight Loss

Drinking matcha tea or adding the powder to foods can help weight loss efforts. Not only does it promote the energy needed to exercise, but matcha powder also speeds the metabolism. Weight comes off more quickly because green tea’s ingredients help the body burn calories faster.

The same green tea that the Japanese have prized for centuries is now being used as a modern-day health booster. Shoppers are buying quality organic powdered versions in order to increase energy, get lean and lose weight. The versatile powder, which can be drunk or added to baking, provides important antioxidants without unpleasant side effects like jitters.