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American Barrels: A Distillery Unlike Any Other As a country, there are many things that all Americans would agree that they should be proud of. Two things that American’s would say that this country has to be proud of are our whiskey barrels and our gun barrels. One bourbon distillery, known as American Barrels, distills their bourbon with a great deal of integrity regarding American icons such as whiskey barrels and gun barrels. American Barrels made paying tribute to American icons easy, by designing their bottle like a shotgun shell. This shotgun shell shape is convoluted by a rattlesnake, which is a popular American emblem, especially in the south. The tactic of having a creative design for their bottle makes American Barrels more than your average distillery. It is a tribute to our country and it’s exceptional skill in distilling spirits. American Barrels may have a well above average design, but that is still not completely what makes this distillery better than others. The taste of American Barrel’s bourbon, however, is what will really make whiskey lovers understand how much time and effort was put into distilling this bourbon. A good bourbon is rich and goes down easy, and that is exactly what American Barrel’s bourbon is, but with a hint of caramel and vanilla. Seeing as the bourbon is 90 proof, it will come as a surprise to veteran whiskey drinkers how smooth American Barrels’ bourbon is. American Barrels may be relatively young, but the taste of the bourbon is more important than the age. American Barrels takes a unique approach to their distilling process. To give American Barrels a quality unlike any other bourbon, there is a whole different action in the distilling of the bourbon. This process is an exceptional alternative to the act of waiting for a bourbon to age in a barrel for an extended period of time. Regardless of the amazing taste that American Barrels offers, they also took the extra step to get rid of hangovers that one will usually get after a night of drinking.
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Most distilleries would not even think of taking such action prior to distilling their whiskey. It is the ingenuity, creativity, pride, and care that makes American Barrels a top of the line distillery. A great deal of American tradition was taken into account when coming up with a method of how to make the bourbon that Americans would have the ability to enjoy. Choosing to drink American Barrel’s whiskey is a wise decision if one really cares about the bourbon that they are choosing to associate themselves with.The Key Elements of Great Bourbons