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Knowing More about South African Culture It has been said one can learn about a people through its culture. Culture is something that defines a people; much like the way South Africa’s flag represent the nation. Culture is the one that will tell us how the people live their lives and push forward to achieve their dreams. The country of South Africa is something that is truly unique because it gets its name from where it is located. Years of turmoil and social unrest have been eradicated into a nonracial society, free and democratic. Today’s South Africa shows a face of equality and better opportunities for all. South African culture is known for its racial diversity. The diversity is a product of years of colonization and immigration thus making the nation a melting out of different cultures. Cultures from former colonizers and native culture are mixed in an interesting way. Native black people in South Africa are now getting more exposed and thus they have become a bit more modern and westernized than before. A certain decline in native culture has been noted and worth a lot of concern. The society has become bit more colorful with Pakistani and Indian immigrants infused their own cultures in South Africa. Chinese both from mainland and Taiwan also threw their culture into the mix. It provided a better base of culture that is more oriented towards having a broader worldview and not just limited to the African psyche.
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It is said, it is impossible to make a people into a nation without language. Language plays an important role in the culture of the nation. English and Afrikaans are the two languages most people in South Africa are buzzing over. Amid rapid decline in native speakers, South Africa still have plenty of people acting as researchers. Few are left using the language and eventually, with no new native speakers, they might end in natural death.
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South African cinema has been improving over the years. South African cinema is geared to produce films for domestic or international viewers. The films produced in South Africa already won some awards. Music is also a huge part of South African culture. One can say there is a storied diversity especially in music in this country. Influences from native music and also imported ideas from the west makes the local music scene quite interesting. Jazz and other contemporary music is also huge in South Africa. Rock music is an interesting sub-culture especially within Johannesburg with a few bands making it big in the scene. The music scene has made the culture truly alive and well. The Internet can be a huge tool on learning more about South African culture. One can sample the films that capture the essence of the people and culture of South Africa. Some sites on the Internet can help. Sites can be helpful in bringing insightful deep dive on South African culture.