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Simple Mistakes Made when Following Cooking Recipes It is possible that a simple yet innocent mistake can affect the outcome of a great dish effortlessly. Most people make most of these mistakes innocently but that does not make it any less devastating. It pays to be careful and take your time to prepare before you start cooking. Some of the most common mistakes made by cooks all over the world include the following. Starting to cook without reading the whole recipe Usually, the main reason behind this is that most people are in a hurry to get a meal together. It is easy to search the internet for a recipe that includes something in your fridge. It is only after they have done much of the preparation that they realize the meat requires hours of prior marinating. Most people are guilty of this because they never wait long enough to point out the bobby trap. It is helpful for all cooks to bear in mind that no great meal is simple and straightforward to prepare, there is always a catch.
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One thing most cook do not realize is that wet and dry cooking ingredients cannot be measured in the same cup as they interfere with accuracy. Dry ingredients require strong cups that allow leveling say a metallic or hard plastic cup whereas wet ingredients may need you to use clear, well-marked measuring cups. Assuming that estimates of ingredients will not affect your results is the biggest mistake any cook can make. Substitutions that never work This is not to rule out the possibility of substituting certain ingredients because most of them work, but some are out of this world. Contrary to this popular belief, not all substitutes are appropriate. There are certain substitutions especially in baked foods that will not work. Some recipes are better left untried especially if you are unable to find all the ingredients that make your food complete. Not using Oven Thermometers Do not be the kind of cook that trusts his or her oven strictly, because even the newest ovens in kitchens have been known to disappoint by burning food. Getting an oven thermometer is the easiest and surest way to ensure that such inconveniences are avoided. Using a thermometer is not always the easiest thing to do but it works and spares you the irritation of spoilt food. Size differences affect recipes majorly Never ignore a recipe that states categorically the use of a large egg or a medium sized onion because the result will be visible. The recipe inventor knows about the existence of different sizes. Do not convince yourself that any size will work just fine.