The Best TIps For New Vegans

Many new vegans find the choices in vegan foods confusing and even overwhelming. However, it just doesn’t have to be that way. Eating vegan can be instinctive, easy, and even fun if you can follow a few simple tips for the first timer.

Begin With Your Mind Wide Open

A closed mind or a negative attitude, thinking “this isn’t ever going to work long term” are incredibly defeating. Simply choose to have an open mind about eating vegan at the beginning and it’s much more likely to go well.

Plan Cooking Times Properly

Eating vegan, especially at the beginning, does require some extra cooking time. It’s important to prepare for that by allowing at least a few extra minutes for the preparation of each meal. Soon this will become second nature, but in the beginning it might take a bit of adjustment.

Stock Up With The Basics

There are probably a lot of meat based sauces and condiments in the pantry of any brand new vegan. There may also be lots of other foods that just won’t work for a vegan, so it’s important to rethink what “staple foods” really means. Fill the pantry with a large variety of different beans, legumes, and grains. Keep fresh produce like kale and spinach in the refrigerator at all times, as well. Add a few vegan sauces and condiments (vegan mayo, for example) and the makings of a simple meal will always be available.

Skip the Convenience Food For Vegans

Most vegan convenience foods are simply different versions of frozen meals from major manufacturers. The occasional pre-made frozen burrito is fine, but avoid making these types of convenience foods the cornerstone of the diet. It’s not healthy, and it’s also possible to make much better tasting foods at home yourself.

Don’t Get Obsessed

One of the things that tends to drive other people crazy (especially on social media) is a person talking non-stop about their dietary habits. Veganism is a fantastic lifestyle and a wonderful health choice – but if you find yourself so obsessed that it’s all you talk about, it’s time to step back and remember why you’re doing it. It’s to get healthy and feel better – not to let it rule your life! Veganism can be a great addition to any lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be the sole focus.