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Unusual Ways to Use a Vacuum Sealer Regularly using a vacuum sealer is a way to save money that you probably haven’t thought about before. They are easy to use and can be used for a lot of different things. Food will taste just as good in a couple years when you store it with a vacuum sealer. Making food storage is one way that you can use a vacuum sealer. The life of fresh produce can be extended this way. Before putting fresh produce in your sealer, freeze it on a sheet pan first. If you don’t they could get all clumped together in one blob in the bag. This way you can use a little bit out of the bag and reseal it instead of having to thaw the entire thing. Another great money saver is to freeze leftovers from dinners to eat later. Since you aren’t throwing that food away or letting it go bad in a tupperware in your fridge, yo are saving money and time in the future. You can even use it if you don’t have a big freezer since they stack into a small space. You can also start dry canning things with your sealer. You can store dried things like flour, spices, and rice on the shelf for a longer amount of time. Beans and legumes can be dry canned into mason jars with your sealer. You can also reseal bottles of oil, wine, or vinegar so they don’t go bad before you use them.
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Your vacuum sealer can also help you store ammunition or special silverware. Make sure to wrap them in a cloth before sealing so they don’t accidentally tear the bag, but then just put them in the bag like normal. This will keep them from getting tarnished and will save you time later.
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You can use your seal to reseal bags of crackers and chips. You will crush them if you don’t switch the setting to seal only, but then they will be just a crisp as when you bought them. Emergency preparedness is another thing that you can use your sealer for. It is a smart idea to stock up on items you use regularly when they go on sale at the store. This can save you money, but if you don’t use them fast enough, they can go bad. You can keep things like matches, clothing, emergency kits, and documents safe from the elements with your sealer. Putting candles into a vacuum sealer can keep them from losing their shape and becoming useless. No matter who you are or what you are trying to save money on, you can find a way to use a vacuum sealer. They are so easy to use, anyone can figure it out.