The Flavors of Just Mayo From Hampton Creek and Which Foods They Complement Best

Hampton Creek offers an egg-free alternative to mayonnaise, which is called Just Mayo and has proved to be a bit hit with consumers. An intriguing aspect of Just Mayo that isn’t true for many sandwich spreads of the same category is the variety of flavors. In addition to the regular flavor, the company offers chipotle, garlic and Sriracha. Most people probably are familiar with garlic, but what about the other two flavors?

Chipotle is most common in Mexican cuisine. It consists of hot chili peppers, often the specific type jalapeno peppers, that have been smoked to create a definitive flavor. The chipotle version of Just Mayo is especially suitable for guacamole and for use in sauces and spreads for tacos, burritos and tostadas. It’s a rich taste sensation when included with tuna salad, crab salad and chicken salad. Even though Just Mayo is a vegan product, it certainly can be used with non-vegan meals. Hampton Creek’s founder has said he doesn’t want to present the company’s products as vegan. He wants to reach the general public with additional favorable aspects, such as using fewer natural resources by avoiding industrial agriculture.

Sriracha is probably a more obscure component than chipotle is. This sauce is made from hot chili peppers and also includes garlic, vinegar, sugar and salt. It looks like ketchup but doesn’t taste like it. Nevertheless, it’s perfect for meat burgers as well as veggie burgers for people who like some heat with their sandwiches. As with chipotle, it’s an excellent addition to Mexican cuisine, including breakfast burritos. People who want or need to avoid eating eggs might try breakfast burritos with egg-free egg substitutes from Just Mayo’s parent company, a product that’s on track to debut in 2016.

Now that the sandwich spread has become so popular, the company has moved on to crafting a line of salad dressings that will be found in stores and also in food service cafeterias supplied by Compass Group. Because of the prevalence of Compass in cafeteria food, people who eat in these venues on any sort of regular basis will probably have an easy opportunity to try those dressings and see what they think.