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What Places to Visit When You Are At Joao Pessoa There are a lot of popular beaches in Joao Pessoa and here are just few of it: Barra de Mamanguape In this beach you can see reeves and thus, it only has a minor waves.
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Campina A beach
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If you love surfing, then you might consider going to this beach. This beach has large waves and light sand. In some areas, you can see small sandbanks. Go to this beach if you want to surf. Do Oiteiro In this beach, you will be able to see long-standing coconut trees, light sand, as well as big waves. But this beach is not developed enough for tourists to go to. But because of its huge waves, surfers are allured to go to this beach. Bonnsucesso This beach has dark waters and stone. However, a fascinating place that you can visit here is the Da Igreja N.S do Bonsucesso, the vestiges of a primal airport. Ponta de Matos This beach has a lot of reeves and coconut trees to offer. This beach is perfect for swimming because it has small waves. Formosa This beach has reeves which keep it safe and sound. You can choose to surf in this beach because of its huge waves. The sand is chestnut-colored. Areia Dourada This beach has red sand which makes it a great tourist spot. This place is the place to be if you want to relax and just enjoy the nature because of its calm waters. Do Poco This beach is safeguarded by reeves. The sea is tranquil, the sand is fine and the waves are small. You can also visit Areia Vermelha from this beach. Da Ponta de Campina. This beach offers calm and crystal clear waters as well as light red sand. You can see some remains of Da Igreja N.S do Bonsucesso in some parts of this beach. Intermares You will definitely enjoy surfing in this beach due to its huge waves and crystal clear sand. In this beach, numerous marine turtles procreate. Do Bessa This is a 6km urban beach that has dark sand and tranquil water. Paraiba, one of the most visited clubs is situated in this area. Manaira Anyone can visit this beach and it has tranquil waters and small waves. Tambau This beach is incredibly famous. It has calm waters and fine sand. Its nocturnal life is one of a kind and the roadway is greatly admired. Cabo Branco It offers light sand and calm water, this beach is also open for all. Its bicycle road and roadway are famous. Picaozinho This beach is extremely awesome due to its natural pools that are made up of reeves and corals.