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5 Tips For Logo Creation On Luxury Resorts

There are increasing number of people who want to be closer to nature, make physical activity and at the same time, be a part of the culture that they have visited while staying in luxury resorts. As for any agencies that specialize in adventure vacations, they need a logo that can do more than just making them stand out from the crowd. In addition to that, it is crucial for the logo created to inspire trust and convey sense of exploration.

As for luxury resorts and other travel agencies out there that want to attract more clients using their logo, following are tips that can be done.

Tip number 1. Customers – the most integral aspect of having an appealing and attractive logo is something that can’t be seen rather, having an understanding of target or ideal customer. Keep in mind that any effective logos always start with clear understanding of people who purchase the kind of service or product that the company is selling.

More precise description of ideal customer has better likelihood of making an outstanding logo.

Tip number 2. Color – the used colors by any luxury resorts to be able to make their logo is extremely important to be able to convey the appropriate message for their marketing materials in online, print, clothing and several other merchandise. According to general color theory, if you wish to convey a sense of optimism, freedom and joy to your logo, you may want to go for orange and at the same time, it can also serve a good pick for traveling in natural environments. Orange works perfectly with blue, brown and green, the colors of water, earth and plants.

Tip number 3. Pair orange with purple – the color of reflection, intuition and royalty could create striking yet, an elegant logo which can be ideal for luxury resorts. Colors like red and blue generally aren’t the ideal choices for using as the primary logo for adventure travels. Blue is typically seen as official, staid and cold while red conveys passions but also represents danger and anger.

Tip number 4. Proper use of fonts – in most instances, you’ll see the company’s tagline or its name in its logo. Those who are seeking to convey adventure, excitement and strength, ideally use font that has a contemporary typeface. In addition to that, modern fonts are also conveying style and strength and seen as assertive, chic and progressive. Italizing the fonts can also help in heightening sense of luxury.

Tip number 5. Symbols – clients are more likely to have a deeper and more personal connection to logos that are using representative shapes and graphics. In relation to luxury resorts that specialize in specific activities similar to parasailing, hot air ballooning or even rain forest excursions, it will work effectively to use silhouette.