The Moscow Mule Must Be Served in Solid Copper Mugs

The Moscow Mule is a fun and retro drink from the 1940s that is making a big comeback. This drink is a combination of ginger beer, vodka, and lime served in solid copper mugs. However, many forget the importance of the copper mug for this drink. Some use copper plated mugs to serve this drink. Many people have been using other glasses altogether. The problem with this is that many miss out on the full experience of this drink. The copper mug is a very important part of the drink experience for many reasons. To use a vessel other than a copper mug, you cannot experience the full flavor and enjoyment of a Moscow Mule.

The first reason the solid copper mug is important is tradition. If you are drinking the Moscow Mule for its traditional and retro aspect, this mug cannot be omitted. The original story of the Moscow Mule comes from the joining of three business people who needed a fun method for selling their products. Ginger beer, vodka, and copper mugs were hard selling items. The combination of the three with added lime became a real success story during the 1940s.

The temperature plays an important role, as well. Using solid copper as apposed to plated copper, allows for a quick and icy chill to the drink over ice. The mug provides quick cooling properties, making the mug cool to the touch and lips. This allows for a perfect summer drink. The cold mug allows for increase carbonation of the ginger beer. The oxidation that occurs from the drink hitting the copper also plays an important role in the drink. This oxidation allows for a boosted aroma and taste of the vodka. Without the effects of copper, you would miss out on this experience.

The comeback of this drink has many intrigued with the history and flavor. With summer right around the corner, this drink can be the perfect addition to any cookout or summer celebration. The history can make for great conversation, as well. Adding the Moscow Mule to your party menu can help ensure a successful and fun filled occasion. This summer bring back the classic and retro taste of the Moscow Mule.