Tips For Adding Green Smoothies To Your Child’s Diet

Smoothies can be a great way to add more vegetables and healthy foods to the diet. Even children who tend to avoid eating their vegetables can enjoy green smoothies if they are presented the correct way. While the green color might seem like it would be off-putting for children, many children become excited by the ideas of smoothies and willingly try them, especially if they have previously tried a fruit smoothie and enjoyed the taste. This initial smoothie is often called the transition smoothie.

The purpose of a transition smoothie is to have children enjoy the texture and sweetness of the first smoothie making them want to try other varieties at a later date. The first few smoothies could be creamy and have a lot of sweet fruits in them with only a few leafy vegetables. For example, a transition smoothies might include strawberries, mixed berries, a banana, low-fat milk, V8 fruit juice, and a small amount of spinach leaves. The fruit and juice will balance out the taste of the spinach leaves.

It’s a good idea for parents to make their smoothies with more green leaves and vegetables than children’s transition smoothies. In some cases, children might become curious and question the differences in color between the two smoothies. This could lead into them trying a greener, and thus healthier, smoothie. The idea is that the parent isn’t just sparking children’s natural curiosities, but it’s also providing them with a role model. Once drinking smoothies becomes a natural part of the family lifestyle, it becomes an example for the children and makes consuming vegetables a more natural part of the diet. Adding silly or colorful straws can also the process more fun for families that are just beginning the transitioning stages.

The most popular green smoothie blenders include Vitamix, Blendtec, and Ninja brand names. Any of these blenders are ideal for transitioning to regular smoothies for multiple people. Some blenders even have individual cups to make the process easier and able to be cleaned in the dishwasher. To learn more about available models and their price ranges, click here ( to visit Green Smoothie Blenders, a website with all sorts of tips and tricks regarding smoothies.