Tips for Consuming Matcha Green Tea Powder

In the world of green teas, there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. While all green tea offers health benefits, matcha green tea offers much more because of the exacting standards of the growing process and the full consumption of the leaf. Instead of throwing all of the beneficial fiber and other nutrients in the trash with the tea bag, matcha green tea drinkers are able to consume the entire tender leaf so they receive all the health benefits it offers.

Matcha green tea is a silky, bright green powder that easily mixes with water, milk, and juice. This powder can be mixed with warm or cold liquids and blends in perfectly, making it ideal for a variety of different beverages. When purchasing matcha green tea, it is crucial one purchases a container that is protected from the light and air. Once matcha powder is exposed to light or air, it begins to lose some of its health benefits.

To make the perfect cup of matcha, one first needs two teaspoons of matcha green tea powder. This should be poured into a cup and mixed with two ounces of warm water. Using a small bamboo whisk will allow the tea mixture to be thoroughly mixed so milk or more water can be added to thin it to the desired consistency. Many people enjoy mixing their cup of matcha green tea with some honey to bring out the natural sweetness of the tea plant.

Matcha is beneficial for the body in many ways. It is full of antioxidants that shield the body from free radicals that would seek to attack the cells and cause damage and DNA mutations. This tea can help aid in cancer prevention and can slow the aging process. Drinking matcha on a daily basis can also help people on their journey towards losing weight.

If you are interested in learning more about this tea and making a purchase, check out Matcha offers a delicious and refreshing taste that cannot be experienced with other green teas. Check it out today and make your purchase so you can begin enjoying it for yourself.