Tips for Eating Out With Kids Allergic to Eggs

Eating away from home becomes an adventure when you are the parent of a child allergic to eggs. Even vegetarian restaurants tend to serve eggs or products like cookies or pasta made with eggs. What’s in the food is only half the worry. The other half is worry over how the food is prepared. If your child has extreme reactions to eggs, then even eating egg-free food that has been made with utensils that have touched eggs and not been cleaned properly can set off dangerous symptoms. However, a child with egg allergies is not doomed to brown-bag it all through childhood. Here are tips for eating outside the home.

Check With the Allergy Eats Website

There are many websites devoted to finding that extra-special pace to eat. lets you research what real people suffering from food allergies have to say about the restaurants and eateries near them. Search the site by Zip code, restaurant name or by your child’s egg allergy.

Always Carry an Epipen

Children with food allergies should always carry an Epipen or epinephrine auto-injector whenever they discover they have consumed something with eggs in it. This is especially important for children who suffer breathing problems after eating eggs.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Most places to eat, including fast food chains, sell egg-free salads. However, their dressings may not be egg-free. Give your child a bottle of egg-free dressing like Just Ranch Hampton Creek so they can still eat with friends in popular places and enjoy their food. You can always call a fancier restaurant ahead of time and ask if you can bring your own condiments or salad dressings.

Bring a Chef Card

People with food allergies should always carry a chef card with them in case they go into a hospital or suddenly invited to go out to eat at a new place that you haven’t had time to check out in advance. A chef card, down-loadable from many websites devoted to people with food allergies. Give the card to the server so he or she can bring it to the chef or manager. The restaurant is then able to tell you if they can accommodate you before the tempting food arrives on your plate.