Tips for Parents of Kids With Egg Allergies

Your child has been diagnosed with an egg allergy. You may think symptoms are an easy thing to prevent, right? Just avoid eggs. It isn’t until you or your child cannot eat eggs in any form that you realize that eggs are just about everything. Here are some tips about living with kids who cannot eat eggs.

Ask About Egg-free Vaccinations

Many common vaccines such as those for the flu use eggs or parts of eggs as ingredients. However, there are egg-free versions available. Be sure to ask your doctor or pediatrician about these alternatives before your child is vaccinated. Remind your doctor or pediatrician of your child’s egg allergy. They see lots of kids and may not be able to remember your child’s allergy automatically.

Before Dining Out

Many restaurants will happily serve egg-free versions of their dishes as long as you notify them before you arrive. It’s best to call a restaurant and see if they can accommodate your child. It’s best to bring utensils for your child to the restaurant just in case the utensils provided have touched eggs and have not been properly washed. Do not order fried foods or desserts because they may have egg-derived ingredients or become cross-contaminated with egg products.

Read All Food Labels

Eggs can be found in a surprising number of foods from chocolate bars to pasta. Be sure to read all food labels for eggs whites or ovoglobulan, which is egg protein. Other words to watch out for include albumin, silici albuminate, lysozyme, livetin and any word beginning with “ovo.” Also check to see that there are no boldfaced notices stating “Made in plant that processes eggs” or “May contain eggs.”

Enjoy the Egg-free Alternatives

More and more consumers are demanding tasty products to include in their lives with food allergies. There are many egg-free food items like Hampton Creek Just Thousand available in your grocery store, health food store or chain market like Target. There are many egg alternatives to use in your child’s favorite recipes, including pureed banana or apricots. There are many egg-free recipes available online, from egg-free food companies like Hampton Creek and at your local library.