Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle Just Got Easier

Living a vegan lifestyle can be emotionally rewarding. Knowing you aren’t contributing to the maltreatment of animals helps many vegans sleep a lot better at night. However, there are certain things that prevent some vegetarians from going vegan. The most significant issue that holds them back is food. While there are plenty of ways to add protein to the diet without eating meat, there are fewer ways to prepare a satisfying meal without using eggs. Those who grew up eating non-vegan foods have a pretty hard time with this transition. Until recently, there really weren’t any good vegan egg substitutes out there.

The invention of this product can help people who might choose to stay vegetarian rather than go full vegan because of the variety of foods. Although there are a lot of vegetables, nuts and grains available to eat, the recipes are limited by the fact that eggs are not part of the vegan diet. As you can see in, Beyond Eggs has changed the way vegans prepare meals. With this simple product, that tastes and has the cooking properties of eggs, anyone can prepare a vegan meal.

This innovative product wasn’t created in the kitchen of a vegan chef. Instead, it was the brainchild of a group of scientists who understood the need for vegan food substitutes. Surprisingly, they were able to do this in a way that it doesn’t cost a fortune to acquire the product. Rather than selling it online or in expensive boutique food markets, Beyond Eggs is on shelves in mainstream grocery stores. It can be found at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Ralphs and Whole Foods for an affordable price.

The vegan lifestyle is a huge adjustment for anyone who has lived their life eating meat, drinking milk, wearing leather shoes and keeping warm with a wool coat. With products from Hampton Creek, transitioning from being a carnivore or a vegetarian can cause less stress on the mind, body and wallet. In addition to Beyond Eggs, they also manufacture a mayonnaise substitute called Just Mayo and a cookie dough you can eat out of the container because it doesn’t contain any real eggs.