Treating Head Lice With Natural Alternatives

Parents with school-age children are familiar with the risk of head lice. These insects travel from one child to the next during nap time or any close contact. They feed on blood sucked from the scalp and reproduce by laying eggs near the roots of hair. With the growing frustration of parents everywhere, schools take precautionary measures to prevent infestations by treating the classrooms and notifying parents at any time they are discovered. However, the cost of treatments for these insects has increased over the years and leaves parents seeking an alternative solution.

Treating Head Lice

As you know, head lice is most commonly treated by oil-based shampoos that smother them. The risk of further infestations is prevented by using spray-on insecticides on furnishings, bedding, and more. The process requires lengthy steps and often exposure to these toxic substances.

However, tea tree oil shampoo can be used to eliminate these insects without insecticide. The oil possesses several antibacterial and antiviral properties that allow it to kill bacteria. These same properties make it a viable treatment for killing lice and other harmful insects. This natural alternative to traditional head lice solutions is non-toxic for external use. It also allows parents to remove the eggs from their child’s hair without tangling. This makes it a pain-free method that allows the complete elimination of these annoying bugs.

What to Expect

The shampoo offers an almost minty scent and that is cooling when applied. This allows you to soothe your child’s scalp, which can become irritated while she, or he scratches. It is completely healthy for hair and will not cause breakage or split ends. Other shampoos used for these purposes are harmful for hair and can lead to hair loss due to severe tangles.

It promotes healthy hair when used daily. The shampoos are also great for eliminating dry scalp and dandruff for everyone. It leaves hair shiny and manageable.

Parents who want a healthier solution for treating head lice can find a solution through shampoos, which feature essential oils. These options will eliminate these insects and leave hair in great condition. Unlike pesticide-based treatments, the shampoos don’t pose a health risk to you or your child. If you wish to explore these products more, you should contact your preferred retailer today for more information.