Try Tea Made from Delicious Roasted Dandelion Roots

The bright little yellow flower that delights small children and frustrates the meticulous homeowner and gardener is far more than what it appears to be. The dandelion is more than a flower and much more than a lawn nuisance. This little plant has been adorning grassy areas for millions of years, but few people realize just how many secrets it harbors and the purposes it’s hiding. First of all, the plant is edible – in its entirety. From the pretty yellow head through the roots, the dandelion can sustain, entertain and aid the body. It is a wise person who learns of the history and recognizes the many benefits of the dandelion.

The roots of this seemingly simple innocent plant harbor a multitude of vitamins, minerals and goodness for the body. A cup of dandelion tea might be just the thing to end a stressful day, but while partaking in this quiet ritual, you are also giving your body a boost. Dandelion tea made from the roasted root of the plant is especially flavorful and good for you. The roasted dandelion root tea benefits the mind, gallbladder, kidney, liver and is said to improve cognitive thinking skills. It also aids the body in digestion. The antioxidants the roots hold are also said to fight and prevent certain cancers. Completely caffeine and chemical-free, this tea is a wonderful addition to any dietary routine.

The next time you see the pretty yellow flower in the front yard, think of it in a whole new light. You do not have to go out and pull the weed yourself to make the wonderful tea. It is now readily available online and on grocery store shelves to the convenience the consumer. Roasted dandelion tea is a hearty, full flavored tea that will delight the taste-buds while giving the body a boost of goodness. Many people will find this tea resembles coffee, but will be delighted to know that it has no ill effects and only gives the drinker a pleasurable experience. Try it for yourself today. The next time you need a little pick-me-up, reach for a cup of wholesome roasted dandelion root tea.