Uses of poly water tanks in farm and agriculture

There are several materials using which tanks are constructed. Each and every tank has its pros and cons. Steel tanks were most commonly used in earlier times but it had its own disadvantages. The main drawback is rusting. Steel tanks when exposed to sunlight and rainwater get rust over time. It is unsafe to drink water from a rusted tank. The tank gets damaged easily once rust starts forming causing leaks dents and even bigger holes making it unusable. Plastic tanks came as a solution to steel tanks but they too had their disadvantages like durability. Plastic tanks when exposed to sunlight for long term will cause damage to the material causing it to breakdown to pieces. The tanks get bulged or get leaks and cracks over time. Poly Water Tank Solutions replaced the plastic ones. The material used in poly propylene which has higher durability when compared to the normal plastic tanks. These tanks are UV treated hence they can hold sunlight without being damaged.

Poly water tanks are used for a vast range of applications like underground water tanks, cartage tanks, underdeck tanks, livestock troughs and many others. Since it is made up of food grade plastic it can be used for storing drinking water and for feeding and watering livestock and cattle. Cartage tanks are mainly used in farm for transporting large quantity of liquid. It may be water, fertilizer or even milk that is collected and taken for processing. These cartage tanks made of poly materials are of light weight and hence can be easily fitted to a vehicle and used.