Using Matcha Tea as an Ingredient in Smoothies

Unlike other versions of green tea, matcha is provided in ground powder form instead of leaves to be steeped in tea straining devices or bags. It’s not meant to be consumed as straight tea but instead to be added to smoothies and other substances. People might look for a quality product from Kiss Me Organics when they begin shopping for this tea powder so they can experience the benefits of this substance firsthand. The product is quite different from black and herbal teas that are more common in this country.

What kind of smoothie fits well with the addition of matcha tea? Just about anything a person likes best can go into this beverage. For a tropical flair, someone might mix coconut milk, pineapple and a banana along with the tea powder. Someone who prefers fruit flavors associated with more northern climates might like to blend blueberries and apples along with matcha. Adding some vegetable content such as kale, spinach or carrots boosts the nutrition value. Some individuals like to add peanut butter or almond butter. Including flax seeds is an additional possibility. Numerous beverages can be added to thin the matcha smoothie if someone wants to easily drink it with a straw. Along with coconut milk, products known as rice, soy and almond milk are available and add a variety of flavors and nutrients to the mix.

It’s fun to experiment with the different recipes that can be found online. Having a smoothie is an energizing start to the day since it allows someone to acquire a large amount of vitamins and nutrients in easily absorbed form. It’s also a superb way to consume matcha. As with green tea in general, many people find the flavor to be a tad bitter or even weedy. In a country where people shy away from eating nutritional powerhouse foods like seaweed, people aren’t accustomed to these complex plant flavors. It’s not the kind of flavor typical in standard American food and beverages, and it can take some getting used to. Mixing the tea in a smoothie is an easy way to get all the benefits without having to develop an acquired taste.