Vegan Products Are Becoming Increasingly More Popular

More and more people are starting to pay more attention to the foods they are putting in their bodies. There is a growing trend toward consuming Vegan products because they are good for the body. One company in particular is hard at work creating a product line that is plant-based and affordable for everyone. Hampton Creek is one of the fastest growing food companies because they are creating innovative products that are affordable for all. They started with Just Mayo, which is a mayonnaise alternative that doesn’t contain any eggs. There is a lot of buzz lately about one of their newer products called Hampton Creek’s Just Ranch. This is a healthier alternative to traditional salad dressing.

Many people love this company simply because it is so creative. They designed an egg powder substitute that is made from Canadian Yellow Peas. This means their Just Mayo alternative is healthier for the body. A lot of people are excited about salad dressings being added to their product line because it gives them more options. Major companies are also taking note because these products can be found in stores such as Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Publix, and Kroger. They have certainly met their goal of creating affordable products that offer healthier alternatives.

Hampton Creek has developed a large database of plants. They are working hard to create even more healthy vegan options. It is easy to see why the company is growing so quickly. In addition to a mayonnaise alternative and salad dressing, the company also offers Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. There are plans in the works for more products that include dessert mixes, breakfast mixes, and a Just Scramble egg substitute. They recently partnered with food giant The Compass Group.

It is nice to see more Vegan products available that are also affordable. This helps more people to make the choice to select healthier foods. Many people are excited about these products, and they are even more excited to see what products the company will come up with next. This is definitely an organization to keep an eye on.