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Useful tips on how to deal with IBS

To know if you have an irritable bowel syndrome, take note of symptoms of constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and a bloated feeling. If you have at least a few of those symptoms checked, then you probably have an irritable bowel syndrome. Medical experts do not have a definite conclusion as to what irritable bowel syndrome is. Current researches have suggested that those people with IBS have very sensitive nerve endings in their bowel, that cramps or bloats during stressful situations or right after eating. Due to the lack of knowledge on IBS there are no definite medications, which addresses it from the root to all of the symptoms. A relief for IBS exists for those who are looking for one in a long time, a moment of relief indeed. Through these remedies a person who has an irritable bowel syndrome can at least live normally, even when no cure for it exists yet.

Every time the IBS symptoms show, remember what food you last ate so that you can make a final conclusion if you really have IBS. Identify all those foods that upset your stomach. Once you know all those foods that upset your stomach stop or minimize your intake of them. The knowing part never stops because you keep on eating new kinds of food as you grow older. It is a challenge to stop eating something that although is bad for you, you find it good and appetizing and the thing you can do is to nibble only and not eat the whole food. Do not pressure yourself by immediately ending your diet on those bad foods, start small first with the smaller portions following until you no longer eat it.

A possible way to relieve yourself of your IBS is to eat multiple smaller meals instead of only eating three meals. The reason for this is because it is easier for your body to digest smaller food servings. If the bloating and diarrhea still persists even after making the dietary adjustments, then you can try an over the counter medication for the said symptoms. If instead of bloating and diarrhea, you have abdominal cramps then you should consult a doctor for an antispasmodic prescription so that it would stop.

Another way to deal with the IBS is to have a good bowel cleanser. Once you use a bowel cleanser, whatever toxins and fecal matter that are stuck up in your bowel lining gets removed and you can most likely feel better after and have a better bowel activity as well. If you have decided to use a bowel cleanser, then only buy those that have natural ingredients. Unnatural substances in those bowel cleansers may not help at all, considering the sensitive condition of the bowels for someone who has IBS, they will not improve a person’s situation at all.

Nothing should continue at tormenting you, like the irritable bowel syndrome.

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