What Are the Best Egg Substitutes?

Eggs are used in many recipes, from dishes such as omelets, where they are the primary ingredient, to desserts such as cookies, in which they are but one of many ingredients. Some people, however, choose not to eat eggs due to being vegan or because of health reasons. In either case, an alternative will be needed for recipes that would have otherwise contained eggs. Currently, more great foods than ever before are hitting the market, including Hampton Creek’s eggless mayo, which is good news for those who do not eat eggs. Here are some of the best egg substitutes.

Hampton Creek

As one of the pioneering companies in the production of eggless food, Hampton Creek is growing fast and will be releasing many new foods in 2016 and onward. In addition to Just Mayo, their mayonnaise substitute that is free of eggs, they have also released Just Cookies, which taste so good that they are changing how people see egg-free food. Next up will be cake mixes and more that will allow people to avoid eggs while still having the foods that they enjoy.

Substitutes from the Store

For those who want to add a simple egg alternative to their own recipes, there are a couple of options available. One is The Vegg, which uses a mix of natural ingredients to substitute for eggs. Similarly, Egg Replacer is another all natural alternative. Both of these can be added to recipes that call for eggs so that people can continue to cook what they like.

Making Substitutes at Home

Some people prefer to create egg substitutes in their own kitchen, and this is actually fairly easy to do. There are quite a few foods that can be used to replace eggs in a dish. Tofu is common as a substitute for both meat and eggs, since it is such a versatile ingredient. Certain kinds of tofu are even ideal for replicating quiche and other recipes that would normally have a high egg content. Some other plant ingredients can replace eggs as well, including bananas, applesauce, and chickpea flour.

Due to Hampton Creek’s products and other egg substitutes, it is now simpler for people to follow an egg-free diet. As plant-based eating plans increase in popularity, more options are sure to keep appearing.