What Happens When Consumers Demand Change in the Food Industry

There are numerous challenges in the food business. This is one of the most heavily regulated and competitive industries today. Food must be deemed safe; it has to be carefully prepared and marketed honestly. Consumers are always on the search for new products and are increasingly demanding when it comes to quality and organic ingredients. It is also not just about food anymore.

There is a growing awareness in modern society about how all actions impact the planet. This includes what people put on their table. Farms are not considered the impact-free business they once were. Most people are very aware of how animal farming can damage the environment. The sheer amount of natural resources that are used to produce a single meal is startling.

It has been obvious for some time that the food industry has to change. However, that is difficult because people still want good food that they and their family members can enjoy. They also want to know that the organic food they are purchasing is as natural as it states. People like to indulge a little, but still want those indulgences to be as healthy as possible.

Manufactured foods filled with chemicals, and animal products and by-products containing antibiotics and hormones are losing their popularity as people realize how vulnerable they are to foods that are not natural, real and wholesome. Larger numbers of shoppers are switching to vegetarian and vegan diets and restricting their shopping to only purchasing what is promised to be GMO-free. Food allergies are making the options even narrower and the reading of labels more important than ever.

This is why it is refreshing to see a company so devoted to offering responsible, safe and healthy options that people want to purchase. Soy-free and gluten-free does not have to be restrictive. Choosing a vegan lifestyle means forgoing meat, but not eliminating flavor. With companies like Hampton Creek, it has been proven that the food industry can offer everything people want from their food. Through research into plant-based ingredients that includes new methods of using familiar products and finding untapped potential in vegetation from across the planet, they are offering consumers more options than ever before.