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Taking an Amazon Boat Trip It would be a huge understatement to say that the Amazon Rainforest is amazing. While the Amazon only covers a tiny amount of the earth’s surface a large number of species live there: more than 10% of all animal species reside there. The number of plant species that are in the Amazon is even greater than the number of animal species. And those are other the species that we have learned about. Scientists say that the number of undiscovered species is likely as high as the number that are already known. It’s easy to understand how much of the Amazon’s wildlife could go undiscovered. A vast amount of Amazon has not been touched by humans. The forest is so thick that in many areas it is pitch black because not even the light of the sun can penetrate it. In addition to that, there are many groups of people who call the Amazon home. Some of these groups live on the rainforest’s edge. Those groups who live close to river are very familiar with other people as they meet tourists regularly and they even travel outside of the Amazon to the cities in Peru from time to time. But there are indigenous groups of people who have never made contact with people outside of the tribes who live in some of the deepest parts of the Amazon. They live no different than their ancestors lived centuries and centuries beforehand. So there is no wonder that many movies and books have been written about. And it is also unsurprising that many people want to see this natural wonder up close and personal. There are many boat tours in Peru that will allow you take a once in lifetime trip through the rainforest. Continue reading if a Peru Amazon boat tour is something that you are considering.
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Before booking an Amazon boat tour, decide the type of boat you want to ride on. Speed boats as well as big boats are available for tours. Many people feel as if they need to rebuke luxury when going into the amazon but there are a few boat tours that offer many amenities and great service.
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You also need to decide what you want to see on your tour. On some tours you simply ride down the river while the tour guide points out facts about the wildlife and plants and other tours will give you a chance to interact with the locals. Ask the tour company prior to booking your tour about the tour details. Of course you could always take more than one tour. You should only go on a tour with a legitimate company that is licensed. Lots of individuals living in Peru try to make a buck taking tourist out on their personally owned boats but going on a tour this way could be dangerous and should be avoided.