What is Special about Hampton Creek Foods?

Hampton Creek foods is a company that was founded in 2011 with the goal of exploring food technology, research, and development in an effort to reduce artificial ingredients, sugars, and animal products in everyday food items. Using plant-based ingredients rather than food dyes, trans fats. and MSG in foods would make them healthier, sustainable, and cost-effective. Beyond Eggs, for example, was the first product introduced to the public. The egg replacement used Canadian peas as the main ingredient.

Just Mayo, a mayonnaise substitute, is available in flavors that include chipotle, garlic, mustard, and sriracha. Another product, called Just Cookies, is available in flavors such as sugar, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and peanut butter. These cookies are cholesterol free because they are made without eggs or butter. Producing the cookies also takes up much less resources, such as water and land, than other ready-made cookies. These are no longer available to the public because they are now sold exclusively to a large food-service company. The product is available at schools, universities, caterers, and in vending machine. They are also cost-effective.

As with many other healthier alternatives to fatty or unhealthy foods, products are certified non-GMO products. That means they contain no genetically modernized organisms. Grains, such as sorghum, for example, are used to make some products safe for eating while raw. Just Cookie Dough, for example, is an egg-less dough that can be baked, or consumed directly out of the jar, depending on customer preference and circumstances. Products from many manufacturers can be found at health food stores, large supermarket chains, warehouse outlets, and some dollar stores.

Customers are always looking for products that are healthy, taste great, are affordable, and sustainable. Competition among new companies that are promoting different approaches to mass production of food resources is rising. Before bringing new products into the home for family consumption, make sure to read the labels. Research the company, look up ingredients so they are clearly understood, and compare nutritional information. Healthy is not helpful, if the family will not eat it, nor can it become something that will be enjoyed often, if the price is too high.