What to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Specialist

Many modern people and social media users hold the belief that they have a social responsibility to share every single thing they do, see, say and experience with their virtual connections. However, what is more interesting is how they have convinced themselves that their friends on all these social platforms should care. There is no question that social media has changed and impacted all elements of communication. This includes for businesses.

In fact, a recent research showed that up to 71 percent of consumers will be more likely to make a purchase based on referrals of their social friends. This is why so many companies are pumping up their social efforts to get more “buzz” about what they offer out to the masses. The more people who know about a brand and like it, the more social shares they will receive.

According to a survey from 2014 based on LinkedIn research shows that 81 percent of medium and small businesses use social media for engagement and marketing purposes. If a company is planning to join these ranks, which it definitely should consider doing, then it is essential to hire a social media specialist, such as Patricia Hayes, to help ensure the efforts are successful.

The fact is that social media is an extremely dynamic platform, which makes it necessary to not only monitor but also understand the conversations that are going on. Some of the social skills a specialist brings to the table include figuring out what is being said about the brand and how to use that information for further enhancement. This can be quite beneficial in ensuring that a brand successfully uses the information gathered on social media.

When it comes to social media, using it for a brands advantage is essential. This can help ensure that what consumers think is able to be used in a manner that helps to grow and expand the knowledge of the brand to better provide quality products and services. This can benefit the consumer, as well as the business and ensure they get the acknowledgment and business from consumers they want and deserve.