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How to Play Clash of Clans Clash of Clans has been available on the iPhone since 2012, and a year later it launched on the Android platform. It’s been around for awhile, but you might have noticed the 2015 Super Bowl ad featuring Clash of Clans and that piqued your interest. The game catapulted to the top of both app stores and earned an estimated 1.5 million dollars per day! Simplistically, the game involves a base, troops, and other players that you battle. Gaming magazines also loved the game, giving it fairly positive reviews. Doesn’t seem too hard does it? If you’re new to the game, here are some basic tips to get you out of your first base and launch your initial attack. If you’ve ever played a strategy game before, you know that bases come in all flavors–some people prefer defensive bases, while others prefer bases meant to support an early attack. Others, like myself, prefer a balance, but I tend to act defensively and build up a healthy supply of offensive and defensive buildings. Offensive that produce units are known as army buildings. Building a barracks will allow you to begin training troops to attack your enemy. Barracks are where troops are produced. Upgrading buildings allows you to produce more experienced units. Defensive Strategies and the Counter Attack
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Focusing on defensive buildings allows you to guard against and counterattack any movements by your opponent. Rather than wasting your manpower on defending resource gathering points, defensive structures free up your troops to defend the perimeter of your base. Depending on the gameplay and your opponent, you will often be in between the two rather than solely on the defense or always on the attack. You’ll certainly lose an entire army at some point, and all you have left are those lousy armed fortifications back at the base. I try to send everyone back to the center of the village to protect the town hall and barracks, along with my defensive structures.
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Don’t lose the Town Hall The town hall is the most important feature of your village. Since the town hall is the center of the village, if your town hall is threatened it’s likely that you’re uncomfortably close to losing the game. This game is amazing, and the fact it is so popular on a mobile platform makes it even more interesting. Multiplayer mode is one of the more outstanding features of the game. Please, please strategize if there are others on your team. I just wanted to provide a quick overview for those of you new to Clash of Clans, but there are plenty of other resources out there for you to learn even more tricks and tips.