Why Is Green Tea Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Those who keep up with the latest news in the diet and fitness industries will quickly find green tea to be one of the most popular topics. Green tea contains a host of benefits that help people to lose weight and protect their health. Unfortunately, not all green teas are created equal. Some teas are grown in methods that do not protect the healthful nutrients. Others are processed ineffectively, reducing the nutrients the tea can offer. With a matcha premium tea, a person can improve their health and enjoy the delicious, rich taste only matcha can offer.

Matcha green tea is grown in several areas of the world, but many people prefer the type grown in Japan. The Japanese have used this special tea as their ceremony tea for centuries. It has also been used because of the health benefits it offers the body.

This green tea contains over 137x the antioxidants other green teas can offer. This higher level of antioxidants means it can help to fight the free radicals that cause cancer, heart disease, increased signs of aging and lung diseases.

The tea also contains two ingredients that allow a person to gain energy and better mental focus. Caffeine allows a person to experience these benefits but can cause shakiness, irritability and increased heart rate on its own. Matcha green tea pairs caffeine with L-Theanine, which helps to buffer the action of the caffeine so it does not cause these unwanted side-effects. These two ingredients allow people to face their day with confidence, knowing they will have a full six hours of energy without the nasty crashes that come with drinking coffee, soda or energy drinks.

Matcha also helps to fight against belly fat and can increase the metabolism of the body so calories are burned at a faster rate. Many people drink green tea to help them in their weight loss efforts. When this tea is combined with healthy food choices and exercise, the effects can be dramatic.

Matcha helps to increase the rate at which calories are burned and how the body fights free radicals. Try drinking this special tea each day, to enjoy its many healthful benefits.