Why the Public Is Searching for News From Hampton Creek

Medical advances and a global obesity epidemic have resulted in a growing health food industry. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to give up their favorite foods in favor of vegetable and fruit diets. In addition, many products labeled, “health food” are very expensive but not very tasty. Fortunately, two well educated young executives noticed these and other problems with the food supply. That led them to start food technology business Hampton Creek and start researching causes and solutions.

A Flawed Source Is the Root Problem

Hampton Creek’s founders are Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk. The two noticed that many of the foods that shoppers love are made with harmful animal-based ingredients. Not only do animal sourced products contribute to health problems, they come from an industry that is disastrous to the planet and cruel to animals. The process is environmentally unsustainable, too. It strains the earth’s water and energy supplies, uses valuable land and creates pollution. Mr. Balk and Tetrick concluded that a plant-based food supply could solve all of these problems and create more income for farmers.

Replacing the Egg Was a First Step

The two researchers began by developing a healthier, plant-based alternative to high-cholesterol eggs. They also wanted to offer a food that acted and tasted like genuine eggs but originated in a cleaner, kinder environment. They soon had Beyond Eggs, which replicates the original but is designed to be updated the way software is. It wasn’t long before the media was reporting that Hampton Creek News included the development of Just Mayo, a delicious, healthy alternative to mayonnaise.

Research and Expansion Resulted in New Products

It didn’t take long for the startup business to expand. Its founders hired high-level tech, science and food professionals. Together they developed Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Technology wizards designed a database capable of examining plants from around the world and identifying those that would make healthy cash crops. The business also expanded its product line and will soon offer the public over 40 foods that include healthier desserts, breakfast products and pasta.

The health food industry was reinvented when two businessmen founded Hampton Creek. The food technology business is committed to creating plant based products that replace many animal-based items. The company is currently selling several products and plans to offer shoppers many new choices in the near future.