Why You Need to Understand the No Conact Rule Before Using It

Almost every woman is told that she can rekindle an ex-boyfriend’s interest by orchestrating a 30 day separation. The theory, often called the “no contact rule” is designed to make an ex-boyfriend truly appreciate his lady. Nevertheless, many women who expect absence to make their man’s heart grow fonder are bitterly disappointed when the plan backfires. Luckily, websites like http://exboyfriendinsight.com/does-the-no-contact-rule-work/ delve into the strategy. They explain when it can work, the key to success, possible outcomes, and more.

The No Contact Plan Is Not a Universal Cure All

Women continue to use no contact separation as a relationship tool because they see it work for others. However, those who succeed have carefully and tactfully created plans designed to let them heal. They work on their anger, resentment, and other issues. They can often reconcile because they have healthy, realistic outlooks. However, couples who work or have children together and those who are incompatible cannot use the tactic. It also will not work when used as a trick to manipulate an ex-lover. They may be drawn in for the short run, but the unhealthy behavior will eventually lead to failure.

Healthy Separations Can Transform Relationships

The most important reason for couples to avoid contact is so that they can step back and re-evaluate their feelings and situations. Every couple and relationship is different and flexibility is key to success. Women get the most benefits when they ask for separations tactfully and work on their mindsets while apart. During this time many identify behaviors that they need to change. Some gain honest insights that can lead them to view their partners more realistically.

A Separation May Lead to Surprising Insights

Although many women begin no contact separations in order to rekindle ex-romances, their experiences sometimes have other benefits. Those who work on transforming themselves while separated often realize that they are not in healthy relationships and do not really want to repeat them. Some begin to understand that they either want a break from romance or need an entirely different type of person.

Women often strategically avoid exes for a month as a way to rekindle romances. Although many succeed, the tactic is not ideal for others and must always be used with care. When a no contact separation is done correctly, it is a transformative tool that may help rebuild relationships and allow women to see their exes realistically.